Mccormack DNA125, Conrad Johnson MF2250 or AVA Ome

I am going to upgrade to a new amp, to match with an Audio Van Alstine transcendence 7 SL hybrid preamp and Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE speakers (4 ohm - 86 db).
I have three elections, within 1.700 $ budget in Spain:
- McCormack DNA125 for 1.695 $
- Conrad Johnson MF2250, 1.800 $
- Audio Van Alstine OmegaStar 260hc, 1.800 aprox.
I doubt which one would suit best with this gear and be smoother and more neutral.
Can anyone help me?
Buy the Van Alstine FET-VALVE amp. You will never regret it.
Have you listened to it?
For the same price there are the Odyssey Stratos Dual mono, 180W monoblock.
Whichever amp you choose to go with should be able to deliver as much power as possible into lower impedances. Dynaudio speaker systems are big-time power suckers and need gobs of power to work best. Sean
I agree with Sean about the 1.3s. Great sound but at the expenses of your amp. You need power. The CJ should be the better option.
I have Dynaudio Contour 1.8 and I heard these speakers with McCormack DNA-225 in a store. My jaw dropped to the floor.
The DNA-125 should be plenty enough power to drive the 1.3SE's as long as the room is not huge. On a medium to small size room you should be fine. The DNA-125 sounds very much like the DNA-225 with a little less ooomph. In both, you will get a soundstage that is wide and deep and well defined. The Dyn's also excel in the soundstaging dept. as well, and the combo with DNA is intoxicating. Unless you listen to music super loud and/or your room is gigantic, I think you will be very happy with the DNA-125. I suggest you see if you can borrow the demo and try it for yourself.