McCormack dna1 to Sony 1040

How do I hook dna1 amp to Sony 1040 reciever
If your receiver is a Sony STR-DN1040, which WITHOUT pre-out jack, you can't directly connect it to a McCormack DNA-1 power amp!
   Not unless you have the jacks on the Sony that say 'pre out' .  That would let you use the Sony as a pre amp.  That signal could then be used in the conventional way with your power amp.  I don't know the Sony STR-DN1040 so I can't be sure.

@edsnipered - you have not confirmed the exact model of the receiver you are using.  If you are using the Sony STR-DN1040, then there is only one way to connect it to the McCormack amp.  You have to use the Zone 2 outputs on the back of the receiver.  Use a standard RCA cable to connect the Zone 2 output to the McCormack inputs.  You then have to use Zone 2 controls on the remote to select the input source (cd / dvd / etc).  This will work for stereo signals.  However, you will have a problem if you try to use this with the main center/surround speaker outputs on home theater programs because I suspect the entire audio may be mixed down to 2-channel audio on the Zone 2 outputs.

Read pages 88-89 of the Sony manual.

If you could find a nice dedicated pre amp to go along with that McCormack it will sound leaps and bounds better than using a Sony receiver in any capacity. The Sony shouldnt be in the same room with that McCormack.

Matt M
@OP  It may not be what you want to hear but Matt is absolutely right.  Consider looking here and at other sites that carry pre-owned gear and try to find a simple tube amp ala  cj or the like.

Without an exact model number of the Sony, all answers are just speculation. Assuming it is the STR-DN1040, then your options are practically non-existent. Sorry auxinput, I must disagree with your solution to use Zone 2. If you look closely at the manual, it states, "Adjust to a suitable volume using the receiver in zone 2." Since it says to use the component in Zone 2 for volume, obviously the Zone 2 is a fixed output. Doing this with the DNA1 is not advised and will likely cause damage. I agree with Matt to find a suitable preamp. There is a way to connect, however this will not do justice to the abilities of the DNA1 and should only be a temporary solution. You will need to use one of these adapters,

Yes, tis49's suggestion will work, connect the Sony receiver front speakers outputs to a Speaker-level to Line-level Adapter then go to the DNA1 inputs.

The DNA1 can provide much better power to the speakers than the Sony! Same concept of Musical Fidelity 550k/750k supercharger.
@tls49 - well isn't that a heck of thing!!  Gotta read the fine print!  This is the first time I have seen a Zone 2 that does not control volume.  Huh.  This receiver, if it is a Sony STR-DN1040, is pretty useless for the OP's purposes.
Solution - Used basic tube preamp. Happy hunting!
How bout carver t24 preamp to hook the dna1 to
Not  aa fan of the Carver.  Too busy.  Each needless feature is another potential source of trouble.  

What about this listing on A'Gon?
What's your budget for a preamp?  Input impedance of the DNA-1 is 100k ohms, which might be tough to match with most tube preamps, no?

Looking to spend 2 or 3 hundred any ideas
You posted your question in home-theater section, what is your goal?
You want a two channel set-up or a multi-channel home theater system?

Multi channel but want to get two hooked up to dna1
For your budget, go passive, the DNA1 has high enough gain and input impedance for a passive preamp, check out the Schiit
Thanks buddy that's the one for me I will let you know how it sounds what you think bout Bose 10.2 series 2 speakers with that
Pair the Bose with the Sony, not saying the 10.2 is not good, but your DNA1 deserve the best!
How bout klipse rf62
Ideal speakers for parties!
If you want to focused on two-channel audiophile quality sound and want some floorstanding speakers to pair with your DNA1, my suggestion is Thiel 1.2/1.5/1.6 or even the 1.7, you also can search the system page to see what other members choice of speakers for the DNA1 or ask a question on speakers section in this forum for recommendation.  
I come across a Sony tae9000es wanting to try to hook str dn1040 to my DNA 1 this will work won't it guys
Will it work?  Don't care.  Your DNA-1 deserves better.