McCormack DNA-750 Mono-Blocks?

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of CJ's new McCormack DNA-750 Mono-Blocks?

I'm needing a new amp for my Watt/Puppy8s. Just sold my Spectron Premier and need to make a decision soon.

OK Guys, I've had 3 hours with the McCormack DNA-750 Mono-Blocks (750 watts/ch into 8 ohms, 1000 watts/ch into 4 ohms) in my system, which consists of:

Conrad Johnson CT-5 Pre-amp
McCormack DNA-750 Mono-Blocks (Demo for a week)
McIntosh MVP-871 (Upgrade Company Modified) CD/SACD Player
Whest PS .30 RDT Phono Stage
VPI HW-19 MKIV TT w/TNT Platter/Bearing
JMW 10" w/Ortofon Jubilee
Crystal Cable and Transparent Audio Cables

Not sure how many hours are on these or if they are fully broken in yet, but they have a very smooth controled sound. Maybe not the last word in detail, but smooth, effortless, and tight/punchy bass. No solid state edge or grain. Very organic sounding, at least compared to my Spectron Premier. They develop very little heat, but are larger than the Spectron Musician III MK2.

My goal is to compare them to the Spectron Mono-Blocks and be done. Comments/questions are highly recommended regarding these high powered work horses.

Please let us know how they compare to the Spectron when u get around to it
2/16/10-Initial comparison:
I can only compare the new Musicians to the McCormack DNA-750 mono-blocks at this point. The highs are much better and more “real”, to me, on the Spectrons. The bass is very strong and powerful, maybe more so, on the Spectrons, but the McCormacks may have a more natural, organic bass. The midrange is, at this point, very similar, though I remember the Premiere, when bi-amped being smoother than both.

With that said, the Spectron Musicians are brand new, and may benefit from some burn-in time, as well as some isolation platforms.

2/20/10- Impressions-A few days later with Omicron Magic Dream Isolation on Spectrons (as I returned the McCormacks and could not compare Omicrons, but would assume both would benefit somewhat equally)
Yes, the Spectrons are sounding better everyday. The mids and highs are getting ”silkier” with more air around the instruments and the bass is developing that natural organic extension I was looking for. I brought the McCormacks back to Katli Audio in Chino Hills. I was then heading to another dealer to pick up 2 Composite Products platforms for the Mono-Blocks. They retail for $550 ea, but I was getting a decent discount. I asked Fred, of Katli, what he uses. He showed me some Omicron Magic Dream-$130 for a set of 3. They create a floating “platform” (with no platform, just 3 "sticks", like Stillpoints, that I put under each amp and immediately I noticed a tighter deeper bass, better dynamics and better soundstage with more air around the instruments. I only listened for a half an hour, as my family wanted to see the movie Avatar. I will have to do more evaluations by switching my CP platforms with the Omicrons. Anyway, very impressive and much less than the Composite Products platform.

I probably keep at least 1 Spectron, depending on sound when I disconnect 1 and convert the other to a stereo amp. Great option.

Are they balanced?
What is the gain?
Hi Dr3

Why not contact Steve McCormack @ SMC Audio or McCormack of Virginia?

I've spoken to both people at each place and they are VERY helpful.

Good luck