McCormack DNA 500 versus the best Pass Labs amp

Sometime ago one independent (=credible) audio journal (IAR) called the DNA 500 the best solid state amp they've ever heard. Another independent audio journal called the Pass Labs X350.5 the best solid state amp they've heard. So it just seems natural to compare the DNA 500 with the best amps from Pass Labs.

Did anybody had a chance to listen to both the DNA 500 and the X350.5/X250.5/XA30?
I would consider the cj premier 350 and the pass x series as equals. The cj perhaps a bit more musical depending on your tastes and equipment and set-up...and.....and....and.

The DNA 500 is behind the other two mentioned above IMO all things being equal. The Pass XA series is better still assuming system synergy.
Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify, do you mean that the DNA 500 is bested by the old Pass X series or by the new Pass X.5 series (or by both)?
The DNA 500 is a very good amp as is the PASS models that you asked about. My preferences would lean toward the PASS XA series over the X.5 then the DNA.
I found the DNA 500 to be pretty good, but calling it "the best solid state amp" (I believe from the IAR review) is quite a stretch. Most amps in that price range have trade offs, and your success will depend on the type of sound you desire, your music preferences, and your partnering equipment/speakers. Keep in mind both the McCormack and Pass amps have relatively low input impedance, which will limit your preamp choices if you are looking at tubes.
Mitch2, what other solid state amps did you compare the DNA 500 with?
Have not compared with a whole lot of amps, but to cover a few I found the DNA 500 to have better resolution than the BAT VK500 and to better it in pretty much every way. I also liked the DNA 2 run single ended better than the BAT, and I thought the DNA 2 sounded more full in the bass and very natural through the mids compared to the DNA 500. I would have liked to have heard a tweaked (SMc Gold Version) DNA 2 to compare directly with the DNA 500. I replaced the DNA 500 with Cary 500MB monoblocks and I found the highs and midrange a little more natural sounding (less SS sounding) with the Cary amps compared to the DNA 500 but I thought the bass was tighter with a little more impact with the McCormack. I also thought the McCormack was better constructed. However, all in all the Cary amps sounded pretty good, especially for the price, and they offer the benefits of being monos and having a relatively high input impedance of I think 47K. Replaced the Cary's with the Class A Lamm M1.1 monos. At only 100 wpc I do not feel cheated at all power-wise having them drive my 90db Aerial 9's, and the midrange from the Lamm's is outstanding. Bass has authority and bloom, and the highs are clean and clear, if just a touch laid back. They may not go quite as loud ultimately as the 500wpc amps I had before them, but they never lose their sonic signature as things get loud, as many Class AB solid state amps do. The Lamm's provide a sound that pulls you in and keeps you happy for the long run with all types of music - but they are quite a bit more expensive than the DNA 500(about double used). Hope that helps provide some background on my comments. The DNA 500 is a very good amp, and many love them, but given the low input impedance which limits usable tube preamps, I would probably purchase something else for my use. OTOH, a VTL 5.5 and the DNA 500 is a very good match and IMO hard to beat for the price.