McCormack DNA .5 vs DNA 1

I am in the market for a DNA amp but I am not sure what to get yet. For about the same price what would be better, the stock DNA .5 upgraded to the REV C or the stock DNA 1. One person said that the DNA .5 had the same sonics as the DNA one and that the only diffrence is the power. What should I do?

Eric Baer
If your running relatively efficient speakers, listen at moderate levels and do not have a large room the 0.5 upgraded to Rev C will give the best sound.

Call Steve directly at SMc Audio, he'll walk you through the details.

Good luck,
In my opinion, after using both, the .5 is a better sounding piece. The DNA 1 is more powerful but it does, beyond doubt in my experience, sound a little harder. personally, I have found that the fewer electronics the signal must pass, the better. The DNA 1 is a big .5