McCormack DNA-250

Can anyone provide feedback on the DNA-250. It has been in production for over a year and I have not seen any feedback on it or very little if anything at all. How does it compare to the older models in sound quality?
i sorry if you got that impression. i was trying to buy a 250, but just decided to keep my 2300a.
My advice to you guys is to pass on such an obscure amp with so little information available. Kennesawjet, I thought you were about to audition the 250 back when I was selling the 500.
i too am looking to read anything on the dna 250. i talk with conrad johnson from time to time and was told something will be out soon, but nothing. i was told that it still will not be better than the 2500. i also recvd a call from steve mccormack and was told that it was not one of his designs and hadnt hear anything on it as well.