mccormack dna 225 with dynaudio 1.3se

i appreciate the info i received when i asked about integrated amps. has anyone used the dna 225 with dynaudio 1.3se .. i'm hoping there would be a noticeable upgrade from my proceed bpa-2 125wpc amp. unfortunately i'm in a remote area and can't listen to the dna. i feel like i need some more *umph* to push the dyns and wonder if adding another 100 watts will help. i'm using an adcom gfp 750 preamp and naim cd. thank you for any suggestions!
I will estimate that it will be a great match. The Adcom will be add a tinge of darkness to the very accurate, but not necessarily cold presentation of the DNA 225, which I own. The DNA has plenty of drive with finesse, something that I think the Dynaudios might need. I continue to hear from other people who own Dynaudios that you need power to make them sound their best. The DNA has this feeling of drive that makes any decent speaker, that is a little less efficient come alive. I drive my Gershman X-1 and SW-1 subs with the DNA very effectively. The only two or three integrateds that might have some wattage and oomph might be the Pathos LOGOS, about 120 watts per channel?, also the Rowland Concerta II with approximatedly 150 watts and also the perennially popular Plinius 8200 and 8150s?

I think that Paul summarized things quite nicely with respect to the DNA-225, which I also own. Any speakers that sound better when driven at a higher power level will appreciate the DNA-225. For instance, I originally owned a pair of PSB Stratus Goldi's that sounded very good driven by Marsh A200. Switching to the DNA-225, the PSB's really sang with the extra power given them. The "very accurate. but not cold" description that Paul gives is right on the money. Plenty of good, solid, clean bass, too. The DNA-225 would give the Dynas all they'd need.
thanx for your helpful insight-- i have yet to make a decision (lol) i appreciate your reviews of the dna..i'm hoping to get to hear the dna 225 soon-thank you again !!