McCormack DNA-225 vs. Threshold T800D

I currently have the McCormack DNA-225 and have been looking into the Threshold T800D but don't know much about its sound. Has anyone compared the sound of each other? I do know that the Threshold is Class A and runs HOT.

Or should I just mod the McCormack and see how far it can go? I've always heard great things about the sound of the T800D especially when matched up with a T2 preamp! $$$$

Please let me know if you've heard both and could comment on each sound.

I owned a T800. Super sound. It's a quirky amp though. The
T series is prone to breaking down. I owned a T400 and T2 new. BOTH pieces had to go back three times each for service! I had a T800 and I loved the sound but sold it for fear of it breaking also. I've never heard a better amp
and I've listened to alot of them. I now own a DNA225 Deluxe. It sounds great. I'd love to put them side by side to compare. I decided that the Mac is the amp for me. It sounds great and leaves little to be desired. I also got tired of hauling heavy amps around. Also be aware that the T series amps can destroy other components. The T2 took out a pair of Snell Type B's. Threshold paid for the repair at the time.
My wife's friend's husband has a Threshold T800D and, after getting to know him, we A/B'd dis an my DNA-225. We both agreed that the Mc won, hands down. As I have said before, I eagerly await the DNA-225 revisions that Steve McCormack has in the works.
I am also awaiting to see what he has to offer for the DNA-225. I hope he can provide a package that will blow alot of 5K-10K amps out of the water. we'll see.
I think it's a matter of personal taste. I own a Threshold T400, I have owned it for over a year with no problems. I bought it from a friend after lusting after it in his system for a year or so ( he left 2 channel for HT, go figure). I've auditioned the McCormack DNA 225 as well as the DNA 1 w/ Rev. A and they are fantastic amps, both of them. I wouldn't say they make me want to sell my T400 though. That being said, if I were in your shoes, I'd probably go after the McCormack, because the T series amps are not easy to repair, if you can get them repaired at all. They were built using IGBT's transistors, which are obsolete. So if one of them goes, you'll have to have Vintage Amps revamp the entire amp ($$$$). It's a shame, the T series amps are as sweet sounding solid state amps as I've heard. I'm holding onto mine, and keep my fingers crossed. It does run hot, and I leave it on 24/7, but I make sure it has plenty of ventilation. This should help extend it's lifespan. My friend bought it new in 1999, so I would hope to get at least another 10 years out of it.

I noticed my DNA-225 runs rather warm all the time as well. Runs actually much hotter than alot of other amps I've seen. But probably not as hot as any Class A type amp.

I did change out the puny 16awg (I believe) wire internally with Belden 83802 cable conductors, it seems to tighten the low end and detail/resolution is great. Also, ditched the crappy stock speaker wire with a SLEW of silver wire in its place.

I have a Chris VH flavor 2 cable I made with his new material awhile back and it sound great.
Interesting comment regarding the 400, John.

Asi tek, my DNA-225 runs warm, but never hot, as in you can hold your hand on the heat sink without discomfort.

Yep, I await the rollout of the DNA-225 mods. That said, and given that the DNA-225 is $2700 retail and with REV A Gold mods probably at least $2.5K, it had BETTER best $5K stock amps! :-)