mccormack dna-225 vs classe-301 vs ??

Has anyone compared these amps? I am getting in a pair of JM Lab 926's soon and would like to eventually upgrade my Adcom 545 ii amplifier. In the showroom I switched back and forth between my Adcom and the Mccormack DNA-225 with the 926s. Maybe I'm smoking crack, although the Mccormack definately had a more detailed midrange I could have sworn my adcom had better bass. Would something like the Classe 301 be a better all around amp?

Also I would like to have balanced inputs which the mccormack doesn't have although you can get them for $2400 from smcaudio. But for that price you might as well buy an amp that already has those features.

What about the Pass x250? Its slightly more than I wanted to pay (used) but I saw some favorable reviews of it compared to the mccormack.

For the money spent you can't beat DNA225.
The one would bring you up above is BAT VK500 i.e. between Pass and DNA...
I have not heard the 225 at home but I have in store compared to a Linn amp, it was ok but it didn't leave me wanting it. Obviously a home audition would be best and there are numerous positive comments on it. That said, I purchased a Pass X150.5 and with that bias I will recommend that (or the X150-same amp) as well as the X250 you list.
Hello Leitner6 -

Just a clarification about balanced inputs: as you point-out, balanced inputs are part of the Platinum Edition upgrade for the DNA-225, but this also includes a complete rebuild of the amplifier. If you wanted *only* the balanced inputs installed, the cost is $450. The upgrade literature does not mention this specifically because the question doesn't come-up often.

One other thing: try to arrange a home audition whenever possible. I know this is easier said than done sometimes, but it is worth the effort. If you are seriously interested, you should be able to arrange this with your dealer.

Please contact me directly if there are any other questions about the DNA amplifiers I can help you with.

Best regards,
Steve McCormack