Mccormack DNA-225 platinum

Over the weekend I purchased a Mccormack DNA 225 platinum for $400 at an estate sale along with a set of Vandersteen 5 speakers. I knew that Mccormack amps had a good reputation and only realized that it was a platinum when later when I set it up. I can't find much info on the platinum upgrades. Does anyone here know what was upgraded and what it means? Also what would a 225 with the platinum upgrade sell for? sorry for my basic questions. 
Bob - thanks I'll give the a call as I'd really like to learn more about them. Also does anyone know what the going price is for a Mccormack DNA 225 with the platinum upgrade?
The Platinum could mean a variety of things, but it typically included a Platoon transformer, upgraded internal wiring, caps, and rectification.  Plus, it could mean better connectors.

You did good on the price because you may be able to get up to $2k for it.  However, there is one big "if".

If the work wasn't done in the last few years, then the driver board probably want replaced.  This will have to be done soon because the existing board is nearing the end of it's useful life and t some have been showing issues.  You'll still do fine financially because you got it so cheap... Still more than double your money depending on what was done previously.

Call Steve to get more details on that exact serial number.
Typos in the above reply... It should say "Plitron transformer" and "driver board probably wasn't replaced"
Looks like a great find. Those two are really good examples of Audio Excellance. Happy Listening. I have Vandersteen and used to own McCormack gear.
Thanks everyone. I called up McCormack this morning they confirmed that they made considerable upgrades to the amp fairly recently including upgraded connectors,and that the driver board should be good for a long time.

They were super nice and really helpful. Amazing customer service. 

I don't plan on selling the amp as long as I have the 5's. I was more curious about its actual worth.