McCormack DNA-225 Platinum and McCormack DNA-500

I own a DNA-0.5 Rev A but since replacing my Thiel CS1.6 with its bigger brother, the 2.4, i have felt this urge to upgrade. While I have read a plethora of kudos for the DNA-125, especially those touched with Steve's highest mods, I have read less reviews about the 225 and the 500. A fellow Audiogoner, 4yanx, had a splendid review of the 225. The DNA-500 has garned some high praise from Chip Stern and a couple of other audio magazines. Although the DNA-500 does not have upgrades to Platinum (yet?), Steve McCormack does have a package that includes cap changes, ect (but not transformer, and I beleive no carbon/siltech). probably the hefty power of the DNA-500 makes any upgrades quite superfluous and redundant. I am very curious to know how a DNA-500 (stock) would compare with the DNA-225 Platinum. After all, the DNA-500 is really TWO DNA-225s. And if we take the enquiry one step further, what would a DNA-500 sound like with the full monty upgrades!! I would value views from fellow Audiogoners!
Can't tell you about the 225/500 but with a .5, the upgrade from Rev A to Platinum (full monty...including transformer & siltech/carbon) made such a big difference (my components, my system...) that I'd bet on the Platinum.

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If I remember correctly the stock DNA 500 includes all the mods already in the Platinum upgrade and then some.
Also I do believe that the DNA 500 is a different amp from
the 125/225 series. That being said I don't think you
could go wrong with either. I would recommend emailing Steve McCormack with your questions. He'll set the record straight.

For the record I own the DNA 500 and love it.

Good luck
I agree with Cmach's comments, but I think the SMC mods were not in any production amps.

He's also right that Steve would be the obvious person to ask about this, he's always steered me right.
Here's another possibility. How about 2 platinum DNA125s or DNA225s wired to monoblocks by SMc? Might be interesting as well!