McCormack DNA 225 or Mark Levinson No.27

Im looking for a opion on what do you think would be a better amp a McCormack DNA 225 or a Mark Levinson No. 27.

Current System consist of:
Belles 21a Aroura cap Preamp
Belles 150A Hot Rod Amp
Jolida 100A Tube CD Player
Dynaudio Audence 82 Speakers
Von Gaylord Legend 2 Speaker Cable
Von Gaylord Chinchilla Interconnect for Amp to Pre
Kimber Kable Hero WBT interconnect or CD to pre
You dont mention prices,but IMHO,it's hard to go wrong with McCormack.
I am not sure that either the ML27 of McCormack 225 is going to out perform your Belles 150A amp by a worthwhile amount.
+1 for McCormack. Better match...
It may have just been a difficult load, but I was driving some Martin Logan Quests (original) just fine with a McCormack DNA-1, but they sounded pretty bad when I tried the ML27. I think the ML27.5 is better than the ML27, but never tried it
I have never heard the 225 but owned both 27 and 27.5. The 27.5 is more open and detailed with better top end extension and better bass than the 27. The 27 is more laid back but still a fine amp.