McCormack DNA-225 Mods. Anyone?

Interested to hear if anyone here has had the Steve McCormack mods done to their DNA-225. I had a slot scheduled to get mine done but about one year ago, but financing fell through (to the money sink which is my son's college). :-) Anyway, I hated to cancel because the earlier DNA version mods are very highly touted and Steve McCormack is such a great guy to speak with, so I did have high confidence that things would go well.

Anyone have direct experience with the DNA-225 mods to share?
I had my DNA-125 and RLD-1 updated to Platinum level this summer. It was well worth the expense. The dynamics improved significantly plus the soundstage is wider and deeper. I am rediscovering my record and CD collection. I keep hearing new details from recordings that I am very familiar with.

In addition, Mr McCormack is a class act. He called me a few times while the items were updated and he has also called me a couple times after I received my equipment to find out if everything was working OK and my overall opinions on the upgrade. Highly recommended.
Well, mine is scheduled to get the full treatment in January. Of course, I will give a full accounting of results.

Yes, Steve McCormack is a prince to deal with. Most highly recommended as a person and as a designer of audiophile products.