McCormack DNA-225 DLX to Run ML SL3's

I have read a number of good threads about McCormacks--it's power and sweetness. I have not been happy with the Krell KST-100's running the ML SL3's. I'd like to invest around 2K for a good used amp, in case I change speakers someday.
I listen to jazz and blues but I do HT occasionally using the same system.

I'd appreciate your input(s). Thanks

Try Classe Audio amps as they work great with ML speakers. You can pick up a CA200 for around $1400 used
here on audiogon. 200 watts into 8 and 400 watts into 4 ohms. Happy Listening!
I'm using a DNA 1/B for my SL3s and am comfortable with their sound. You can find a used DNA 1/A for under $2k and I've seen a DNA 2 right around that point recently. Or you could get a used DNA 1 and have it upgraded to 1/A and have the comfort of knowing all the key parts have been replaced/inspected and warrantied.