McCormack DNA-2 vs DNA-225

Other than time/age, what's the difference between a McCormack DNA-2 & a DNA-225?
I believe you mean an older DNA 1 and a 225. They basically have the same power output, but the 225 incorporates some of Steve's Revisions that he offers as a separate service. I believe the Rev B mods on the older amps (.5 and 1)reasonably equate to the 125 and 225 models.

Hmm..thanks, I stand corrected. I thought the older & newer models were more similar, but after searching a bit(more)...I guess not so much. The built in mods on the 125 & 225 was the core of what I was after. Thanks.

>DNA-500 >500 watts/8 ohms

>DNA-225 >225 watts/8 ohms

>DNA-125 >125 watts/8ohms

>DNA-2 >300 watts/8 ohms

>DNA-1 >185 watts/8 ohms (though I also see references of 150 watts for this model)

>DNA-0.5 >100-120watts/8 ohms
In fact it would take quite a while to catalog all of the differences between these 2 amps. Although they are based on similar circuits, they are quite different in execution. Briefly, the DNA-2 design dates back to the mid '90s, just prior to the company's move to Virginia. The DNA-225 is much newer and incorporates a variety of improvements in circuit design and physical layout. The DNA-2 still has its fans, though, and at a conservative 300W per channel delivers a *lot* of power and authority. Only the new DNA-500 delivers more.

Please call me if you would like more detailed information.

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