McCormack DNA-125 with Thiel 2.4. Good idea?

Hi everybody,
I recently aquired Thiel 2.4s and am liking them a lot, but naturally want even better sound. The Thiel tech I talked to on the phone suggested that my biggest potential improvement was to upgrade from my B&K Ref 2220 and suggested as the most affordable move a Bryston 4BSST or higher. This is out of my price range of $1500 (including the $600 I can probably get for my B&K). I've heard a lot of good things about McCormack and am thinking about making an offer on the DNA125 currently on the Gon,but have also heard that 2.4s need lots of watts and current. So, given that my room is fairly small 15x16x9 and my listening seat 10 feet from the speakers and my goal even more transparency, detail and bass than I have with the B&K, should I make an offer on the DNA 125? BTW the rest of my system is an Oppo BDP 83SE and a Jon Soderberg modded Threshold FET 9e pre.
Thanks in advance.
The McCormack amps though very fine amps, and even better values, tend to be somewhat forward sounding. Coupled with the same forward sound of the Thiels, I find the combination, though very good in all other respects, to be a bit shouty. High quality power should come first, then plenty of it. Though not necessarily a bad choice, there might be better alternatives.
Check out some Odysey Audio SS amps, great bang for your money, some used here on Audiogon, or buy new.
The Odyssey amps might be nice, but perhaps not the best choice for the Thiel CS 2.4's less than 3 Ohm minimum impedance.
4BSST too expensive? How about a 4BST? That should be within your price range.
I too have read about Odyssey amps. The Bryston 3BST and 4BST are still excellent power amps.
2nd note;
a Threshold power amp is still an excellent choice. I would have the caps updated/replaced prior to any usage.