McCormack DNA-125 / Proceed 2 Amp plus?

I have about a $1000 post divorce budget. I have an older Marantz DVD player using for CD's, a B&K AVP1000 for my preamp (which has "CD Direct" that bypasses all but the volume control), a nice pair of custom made speakers that have the same woofers as the Kharma Ceramique and Dynaudio tweeters, and good cables. Would it be best to spend it all on a good amp like the DNA-125 or spend $600 on a Proceed 2 and find a $400 or $500 CD player? Keep in mind it could be a while before I can put any more money into my system.

if this is 'post divorce' like a year or two, maybe....but if this is 'post divorce' like less time than that , use the dough for anything but a hobby....get out and live a little. good luck, its a jungle out there.
Good advice Jaybo.
More than two...I'm ready for some music.
ok then...the mccormack...and don't get remarried.
I have a DNA 125 and it's a great amp, I love it. I would be wary of the Proceed, it's old and Harmon Specialty Group charges a ridiculous flat rate for service.
Ok, that's so much for that info...I didn't know that.