McCormack DNA 125 amp-speaker match

I have a McCormack DNA1 amp and RLD-1 preamp. I am looking for speakers to match. I know little to nothing about the
technical terms of equipment. I have listened to the new ProAc Response d25s and the Aerial 7B and like both. The ProAcs sound a bit "brittle" on Miles Davis and some old Sonny Stitt. The dealer says its the quality of the recording. The Aerials sound a bit more nuetral all around.
I can get a considerably better deal on the ProAcs.
One review I read said the ProAcs need " a decent Class A transistor or valve amplifier". I have no idea what this means. Any feedback or help woulld be appreciated as well as any suggestions about what may go well with this amp-preamp. My price range is 5,000 to 6,000 for speakers.
My pick would be the Aerial 7b's of the 2 you've mentioned. Excellent build quality. It's a good speaker although I'm a first order guy and use Vandersteen's. As mentioned above, the amp is a good match with the Steens.
The 7b's are my favorite non time aligned - phase coherent speaker in their price range.
Definitely the Aerials. This was one of the best "bang per buck" match ups of with the McCormack I ever heard (at least with the old Aerial 7s and DNA-0.5 & 1 amplifiers I heard).

Just match them up with Cardas or Discovery cables and let the drooling begin!

My all time favorite amp with the Aerial line goes to Rowland however.

Lotsa good choices out there and as usual, YMMV.

Good Luck & Happy Listening!
Vandersteen or Klipsch.
Save some cash: Dynaudio Contour 3 or 1.8, or 3.4.
You won't be sorry
Another vote for Aerial.
i have a dna 0.5 deluxe for a number of years and I've tried it with numerous speakers.

The dyns sounds a bit thin on that amplifier considering i even used a tube pre-amp, all copper interconnect and speaker cables. I tried the contours 1.1, the new focus 140 and the Audience 72SE. No luck. At times analytical.

The Proac D140 is not bad but still can be brittle.

I'm currently driving it with a pair of harbeths compact 7es2. So far, i couldnt be happier. I have the harbeths on loan from a dealer. Its been two weeks, so far very good!

I havent tried the aerials so cant comment on them.
Just to give you another speaker to consider - I might be tempted to go for the Hypersion Sound 938's in black - one of the best combinations with McCormacks I've heard yet!

Perhaps you listened to Dyns not broken in? I don't have experience with those models you listed. They are not in the Countour line. I have found the 3.4s and 1.8 mkII's to be very smooth with mccormack amps, arc tube preamps, arc ss amps. Never as analytical as my Thiel 2.2s (not that they were a chore to listen to by any means). Keep in mind room acoustics and placement.

One of the best most musical sound systems I have ever heard was a DNA 225 driving Contour 3.4's, with a Cary SLP 98. Unreal liquid midrange and gorgeous soundstage.
That was what converted me to dynaudio's. Danes Don't Lie :)