McCormack DNA-1 vs Odyssey Stratus vs Marsh 400

I am thinking about trying to upgrade my front end amp. I am running 2 of 5 channel from my Rotel 1095 (200WPC) to my Proac Studio 200.

My budget. I am trying to stay below $1K for the amp any a mid-level aftermarket power cord (Am using VH Flavor 4). That said my budget is around $750 -$850.

After reading thru several forums McCormack DNA-1 or DNA-1 deluxe, the Odyssey Stratus Plus or Extreme and the Marsh A400s all appear to be viable options. I need your help. Which of these would you recommend and why? Any other suggestions?
great speakers, and they will get along fine with any amp you've named.
Thanks. Do you know if they will be a step up vs my Rotel 1095 presently being used?

I also have the option of spending the same amount on a dedicated CDP such as a Rega Apollo or an older Arcam or Cary 300. Am presently using a Denon 3910.
In my opinion, any will provide and audible improvement over the Rotel.
The McCormack amps are a great bargain in todays preowned market.
Wonderful sounding product by a master designer.
I used to own a DNA-1, reget to this day selling it.
Highly regarded. It does a nice job of creating music.
i agree with narrod....
The McCormack amps produce a wider soundstage then Odyssey amps and have more headroom for driving difficult loads. I wouldn't leave out the Aragon 4004 MKII either, a very good sounding amp (dual mono) that has power and soundstaging capabilities that are difficult to find in an amp in this price range. I've owned the Marsh and thought it was a little bright sounding on my speakers and was not in my system very long. I slightly prefer the Aragon 4004 MKII over the McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe but that would change if compared to a DNA-1 with revision B. The Odyssey amps represent a very good bargain at their price point but again it can't compete with McCormack or Aragon for width of soundstage and neither the McCormack or Odyssey can compete with the soundstage depth offered by the Aragon.
You may be able to find a nice McCormack DNA-125 for under $1K unless you need the extra power. I highly recommend the 125.
From memory I think the McCormack was a bit sweeter than the Aragon. I think the McCormack had a bit more bass as well. But it has been a few years. Haven't heard Odyssey but I think they are completely different from the 2 fore mentioned amps. If what I read is correct they would be much smoother than those mentioned. Marsh is also different from those mentioned ( IHMO ) It would fit in between the McCormack and the Odyssey. Don't know what your pre is but I needed a tube pre with the McCormack to tame it a little. And Proac might be a bit bright with McCormack. That amp will jump out and get ya!
I'm running a Rotel 1066 pre-proc in 2ch mode most of the time but need it for 5.1 when I play DVD's. Am using a Denon 3910 as a universal player. Acoustic Zen Hologram II speakers cables and all Neotech 7N UPOCC silver I/C's (these are supposedly identical to AZen Absolutes). I want my Proacs to completely disappear. I want the deepest and widest soundstage possible (don't we all). Hope this helps benchmark what I'm working with.

If you want your Proacs to completely disappear. ( which I don't think is possible ) then I would shift over to tubes. I have never heard proacs sound as good as when I have listened to them on a tube setup.

However if your are bent on your direction, you might try the Marsh with your pre. However I would add CJ and Classe to your list if I were you. I think Classe would beat out any of the amps mentioned with your pre. And as they say with CJ " It just sounds right " And both of these companies have been around quite a long time. Service wont be a problem.

Of course in the end you will need to finally take the time to listen to some different amps. Our opinions are based on our listening experiences and our likes and dislikes.
I can't tell you about the Oddyssey, but I owned a Rotel 200 watt (980?) a while back and I'm now using a DNA-1. Huge difference. Cleaner and sweeter.

Those Rotels are powerhouses, the DNA-1 will not be as powerful. You should keep the Rotel for your rears.

If the DNA-1 turns out not to be warm enough for you, try a Belles next.

Both Aragon & McCormack are exceptional performers. In my setup I currently use an Aragon, however I found that the McC was better in my system than the Aragon (more refined, better solidity of image) with Aerial Acoustic 7s.

However, I received the Aragon at an "offer I couldn't refuse" price and went with it.

You would be hard pressed to find better bang per buck performers than them.

I am unfamiliar with Marsh but also heard positive things about it as well.

Good Luck!
I owned a pair of Odyssey monoblocks for nearly a year and was not at all impressed with them - it's fair to say that I actively disliked them, both for sound and build quality. The Odyssey preamp was even worse and made me swear off Odyssey forever. I would choose either of the others over the Odyssey.
I wish I had seen this earlier. I have a pair of ProAc Studio 200's. Had an Aragon 4004 Mk II and the speakers responded much better to tubes. I have a Golden Tube Audio SE-100 (2x100W EL-34) wonderfully!