McCormack DNA 1 Rev A Mono blocks WOW

This is an impressive amp for being 20 years old. Back to the music:)))))
For being 20 years old? Did you think new amplifier designs were invented in the last 20 years? Many audiophiles are finding vintage equipment is better than what is made today. There is some good newer equipment, but you will have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.
I felt the same way when I first purchased mine several years ago, and with the price that these are going for now they are hard to beat. By the way if you want to improve upon the sound of these there's always SMc Audio. I ventured down this path and now have a pair of 0.5 mono-blocks with everything that Steve McCormack puts into them, with the exception of the new case work that is. Funny thing is I still have my original mono-blocks. One of these days I'll have to pull them out and do a comparison.
Yup, these are SMc Revision A built. Music has never sounded so good.
Hi N2siast

What is the revision date of the McCormack DNA-1 Monoblocks you have? I'm very curious because I'm wondering if the earlier Revisions from 1999 to early 2000s are the ones that sound really good. Most of the time on Audiogon the only Rev B to Rev A stuff that comes available is from that time. It doesn't seem like the Revisions in recent years ever pop up.

I love my DNA-1 Rev. A.

The info I got from steve is that these were originally from early production (around '91 - '92) but were thoroughly rebuilt in the upgrade process.

The full Revision A treatment was pertformed sometime in the early 2000s.
Thanks for the clarification N2siast. Good to know the older Revisions sound great. I tried pricing out current revisions plus acquisition costs of a pair of DNA-1s and the costs were rising way past the funds in my bank account.
It's a good idea to have the mother board replaced as well as the old emitter resistors. The early boards had issues with the through hole plating over time and the protection circuit starts to become an issue i.e. false triggering. New filter caps as well.