Mccormack dna-1 protection problem

I have a Maccomack dna-1 with no upgades. 
Very often when i play music it goes in protection mode and the red light comes on.
Sometimes it works great for a day or two and somtimes it i hopeless. 
All cables and connectors are ok. I am sure the amplifier is faulty.

Is there sombody with an idea what the problem could be.

Call SMcAudio.  You can probably talk to Steve directly and he'll tell you what's what.  He was great and helped me fix a fuse problem with my DNA-0.5 Rev A a while back.

+1 Soix.
If you don't get Steve, Pat can help, too.
If you can swing it, try to get the amp upgraded. It is well worth the money.
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Yes, that would be a bit of a haul, though they do a lot of work for Japanese/Asian customers, so it is possible.
You can email them at:
They are very responsive. If you have Skype, you can talk directly. 
They are working on a pair of Micro Drive's for me, as I write.
As others have rightly noted, give Steve or Patrick a call.  I'm quite confident they will do whatever they can to help you rectify your situation.  Real good guys!
Hi and thanks.
I did email Stewe and got a death sentence on the board. It will cost 900$ For a replacement main board. It is the through-hole plating that is the problem with my board. But I will try to re-solder it and put a copper wire through the holes. 

As it is now, when i press on the board a little bit it will go in to protection mode.

@evilhifi  That sounds right.  I called Steve a few months ago to see what was current with DNA-1 upgrades.  The last mod to my amp was 18 years ago. He said any DNA-1 with a 15+ year old driver board, they would only work on if the work included replacing the driver board because the traces would be starting to crack and fail.

Sent them my amp, got the new driver board along with new inputs, outputs and wiring.  Fantastically sweet, open sound.  Worth every penny.

Good luck with your amp.
Heureka! I think i have fixed it(knock on wood).I have re-solder the whole board. On quite many of the solder joints the solder hade not gone through the board at all. I’m pretty sure the problem was the through-hole plating. That is why the board was so sensitive for pressing down on it

Now i have played on it for a few hours. I have pressed down on the board quite hard and taping on it. Much harder and more than before.This treatment would definitely triggered the protection before i re-soldered it.

One mishap in the repair. When i started up the amp the right channel did not play. It turned out to be a capacitor that hade shorted out. It took me about an hour to find the little one.

I will post an update in a week or two.
Nothing like being handy with a soldering iron...
You should still call SMcAudio. I am sure Pat or Steve could give you some good advice on what you should replace or modify to benefit sound reproduction. Since you are so handy, they might even ship a new driver board and related parts for minimal cost.
@evilhifi  BIG +1 for @gdnrbob  The guys at SMc would probably enjoy talking with someone who knows their way around a piece of gear.  They are good guys and would probably make a deal with you for you to install some upgrades.  Boy is the new driver board worth it!
It is time for an update. I Writing this because this part is often missing in threads like this.

It has now been 3 weeks since i did the re-soldering of the board. And guess what...
It still works:-) 

I am very pleased with my Mccormack and i feel like i don’t need any upgrades. I did recap it yesterday just to keep it alive a little bit longer. 
That is great to hear.

-I should try to brush up on my soldering. I haven't held an iron since Junior High School, but I was pretty good when I did.
@evilhifi   Good for you.  Nice that you have the requisite skill set!  and you can always have your unit upgraded by SMc Audio if the desire grabs you.
Enjoy the music!