Mccormack DNA-1 pre-amp & interconct recomd 1,300

I have a Mccormack DNA-1, currently matched with B&K Pro 10MC preamp and Alon II speakers. also a Jolida 100 cd. I am looking for input on pre-amp upgrade as well as interconnect cables. Has anyone used soundsilver interconnects- price seems to good to be true?

My short list of pre's:
VTL 2.5
Primaluna prologue 3
BAT 3 or 5 models
CJ PV10, PV12
Mapletree 4se
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rogue 99mag, modwright, quicksilver preamp????

B&K ST202 combination w/modwright pre-amp?
I had a McCormack ADL and DNA .5 and loved it-very flexible and great sound. Plus, Steve is around to do upgrades if you want and the matched set looks cool too. Cheers
I prefer SoundSilver Trilogy over AR Master, Aural Thrills Active, Bogdan Goldy & Audio Metallurgy GA-0 / Ag-0 cables in my Revel F-52, Emotiva XPA-1, Marantz AV8003, MHDT Havana, Epik Knight subwoofer system, but not over Antipodes Katipo and Komako cables. The SoundSilver Trilogy cables are the best value for the money IMHO. I believe the expense for the Antipodes Komako is justified in my system.
I would consider a McCormack RDL pre w/ HT bypass.