McCormack DNA-1 Power Cord Upgrade

I was just wondering if anyone has any direct experience with power cord upgrades on the McCormack DNA-1 amp. I'm looking for fuller bass. I know that Steve recommends certain pawer cords on his website, but I'mm looking for someone that can speak from actual experience. Thanks!
I have a DNA-1 Rev Gold and recently changed the cord to a Shunyata Python Alpha. I had a BMI Eel on it before which I understand was designed more for digital equipment. I also placed Aurios MIB Pro isolation discs under the amp. Everything about the amp has improved considerably. I do think you should consider having Steve upgrade the amp. Mine was a DNA-1 Deluxe and the difference after the upgrade was dramatic.
Oregon 3,

I would highly recommend the DCCA extreme reference or the reference one. Either of these pc's will not only give you a significant boost in bass output but also will be very noticeable across the whole frequency range.

It is the best pc I have found for my amps and I have used many different pc's as a basis of comparison including but not limited to TG audio slvr's, electraglide fatboys and silent source signatures.

You can do a search on A'gon for the DCCA website and Don Ostrander is excellent to do business with. He may even have a demo to let you try out.

Good Luck,

The Ps Audio Lab II that steve recommends, made a big difference in my system.
Scifi,I totally agree with you, the DCCA would probably
match the DNA1,I am very familiar with this amp.My search
of pc ended when I discovered this cables.Try them for 30
days and return them if you are not happy.But I will bet
you will keep them.
My DNA-500 has amazing bass using an Elrod Statement.