McCormack DNA-1- improvement over Bryston 3B NRB?

I just purchased a preowned pair of Paradigm Studio 100 v.2 speakers (and despite the mixed reviews these get in the forums here, I love them), and despite the fact that my trusty Bryston 3B NRB that I've had for 10+ years drives them with no problem and sounds just fine (125w into 8 ohms), I've really got the bug in me to get a more refined, and possibly more powerful amp. Would a McCormack DNA-1 fit the bill? If not, what would be some good recommendations? Is it the ideal approach to try to acquire a higher wattage amp? Thanks, Will

Rega P25 turntable w/ RB600 tonearm
Dynavector Karat 17D3 cartridge
PS Audio Phonolink (soon to be replaced by Heed Quasar phono pre)
VTL TL2.5 preamp
Bryston 3B NRB
Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v.2 speakers
Gabriel Gold interconnects
Wireworld Equinox III++ speaker cable
XLO reference series type 10 power cable (on phono pre)
Purist Audio Design Dominus power cable (on preamp)
DCCA Reference Master power cable (on amp)
Why not a VTL amp to match up with your pre?
The McCormack DNA-1 throws a bigger soundstage than the the Bryston 3B NRB and is definately much more powerful, alot of headroom. I don't think it is any more refined though. It can become more refined via revisions at smc.,
You'll definately get more authority, bass extension and presence from your speakers using more power, at least thats what I found between my DNA HT1 dlx 100 wpc and DNA1 dlx 185 wpc.
Great speakers for both these amps.Can't go wrong,its a tossup if their both stock.Good luck,bob
The DNA-1 is light years ahead of the Bryston in terms of enjoyment. It just sounds more like music and the Bryston is more about......well I'm not really sure what it's about.

cant compare the two.
The DNA 1 is just more detail, tighter bass, better articulation, more musical.
Bryston while being bulletproof is a bit hard sounding, too clinical at times.
Off course, some speakers would prefer the Bryston signature sound.
I drove the Studio 100 v3s with my McCormack 0.5 Rev. A and had no problem -- they were a great match. If you buy a used McCormack buy it with the A Revision -- a much better amp and a much better value. That said, I'd take a 0.5 Rev. A over a stock DNA-1, as I think the Studios will appreciate and reward the higher quality much more than the increased power. Of course if you can swing the DNA-1 Rev. A...

Can't speak to Bryston yet, but I'm auditioning a 2B SST in my system shortly and will report on character differences w/ my 0.5 if it's helpful.
I am a happy Bryston B100 Integrated owner!Although I like the McCormack DNA 0.5 (which Steve McCormack revised to A status), I feel that the Bryston is just as musical, if not more musical, than the McCormacks. When you throw in a built-in DAC and phono, 20-year warranty, I feel that I have finally found an amplifier that I can simply enjoy the music and forget about audiophile lingo!Not that reviews are to be blindly followed, there is not a single negative or mediocre review of the B100 that I have read! The accolades from audio magazines and reviewers are consistent about the B100's musical virtues!