McCormack DNA 1 & Hales Revelation 3...Good Match?

I have a pair of Hales Revelation 3 loudspeakers, and am considering a McCormack DNA 1 to power these speakers in conjunction with my Audio Research LS1 preamp. I have three questions:
Has anyone here used the DNA 1 with Hales Rev 3s?
If so, did you consider them a "good match" for one another?
Lastly, do you think the ARC LS1 fits into the mix, or should I go with a passive preamp as others on this forum have suggested?
Now using Discovery Essence ics, Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable, and LAT AC2MkII power cables. Room is 24'x18'x9'. Any input/suggestions/questions would be appreciated. I'm searching for really good sound on a workingman's budget, thanks!
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Went ahead with purchase of the DNA 1. This is and awesome amp/speaker combination!! Definately a good match in my system.
Glad your amp has worked out. I am really want to buy an amp for the revelation twos. What was your prior amp?
Hey Ohlala, thanks alot. Previous amps I used with the Hales Rev. 3s include: Belles Model 200, B&K ST-140, & B&K Sonata M200 monoblocks. I was really impressed with the sound of the ST-140, but it was lacking power to really drive the big Hales speakers. The McCormack DNA 1 betters them all in my system. Definately the best amp that I've owned. I'm sure the McCormack DNA .05 would work well with your Rev 2s. The DNA 1 is rated 300wpc into the 4 ohm Hales speakers. This might be too much power for the Rev 2s, I'm not sure? Good Luck!
I still have a DNA-1 Deluxe(now SMcAudio Gold Edition) playing thru Hales Revelation Three loudspeakers. I'd say they have been a wonderful match! Simply incredible sound for the dollar IMHO. I enjoy listening to music everyday.
The choices you've made may have been dictated by budget, but unlike so many I see on this site, they're quite smart. Your speakers do several things very well and, particularly in the bass region, outperform those at ten times the price. Moreover, SMC is a very good designer so it's not surprising the sound you're getting is more than satisfactory. You've outsmarted rather than outspent. Well done!
Thank you Kevinkwann for the kind words. Thank you very much! I am really enjoying the music coming from ths setup. Others might benefit from knowing this is a good combo. So hard to find synergy with the many audio choices out there today. I made many mistakes to get to this point, not always smart... so it took some good luck too. IMHO the Hales Revelation Three louspeakers are very special. I auditioned them locally and bought them on the spot. I was floored by their presentation of the tunes. I feel lucky to have them and would recommend them to anyone. I really wish Paul Hales would make more! I also have the utmost respect for Steve McCormack and SMcAudio. Happy Listening...