McCormack DNA 1 Deluxe vs Parasound 2200 II

Anybody with experience of these two amps in a 2 channel system? Emotive Audio Preamp will be used with Wadia digital & Snell B minor speakers...a simple make shift second system! Any thoughts appreciated!
I can't speak for the McCormack, but the Parasound 2200II is better sounding amp then my NAD2600A, Adcom GFA555, Hafler DH500 among others. It is very powerful and has tremendous weight in the bass. I will never sell it.
The McCormack, to my ears, no contest. The Parasound 2200mkII isn't a very good amp by todays standards, even for a bass amp it's lacking, far too slow and devoid of the ability to articulate finer bass details, not to mention the midrange and topend troubles. The McCormack isn't perfect either, far from it, but much more enjoyable to listen to long-term, I thought.