McCormack DNA-1 biamping?

Thinking about biamping a pair of these. Legacy Sig III speakers, Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp. Overkill? Anybody with experience biamping these? I know it has been done with the .5's because I did it to drive a pair of Apogee MiniGrands.
I would think that you would obtain noticeable benefits from bi-amping. However, i sincerely doubt that you could easily get into active bi-amplification due to the multiple woofers with their various crossover points. Going active and by-passing the internal crossovers is where the biggest gains are. Sean
I agree with Sean. I passive bi-amped a pair of McCormack DNA-2 Rev. A(s) with Vand. 3A sig speakers and really didn't get much in the way of beneficial results at all. For bi-amping I think active is the way to go-- assuming your speakers will work with active external X-overs. Good Luck. Craig