McCormack DNA-1 Best Power Amplifier under 1000

I have never heard my Focus Audio 68 sound so good until I drive them with my new McCormack DNA-1 several weeks ago. This " working man " power amplifier really made the Mark Levinson & Krell a shame.
The BEST amp under a grand................................

Thank you guys for recommending the DNA-1 to me.
Also, thanks Steve McCormack for your time & valuable advice.
I listened to a lot of amps and always came back to McCormack. When I have some extra money I am considering Steve's upgrades. Have you or anyone else heard them?
Some of the other amps I auditioned Classe',Conrad Johnson (ss) Bryston, B&K, NAD, Adcom, Krell.
The only other amp that got me all fluttered was the Roger Modjeski MR-9 (couldn't find used). Louis
If you like the plain DNA-1 then at least try the Deluxe model if you don't go the SMC upgrade path. The Deluxe is significantly better.
And where did you find one for under 1000? I would love to have two to biamp. Louis
Has anyone ever compared a McCormack DNA-1 (stock or Deluxe) to vintage Threshold amps? At times amps like the 400A or Stasis series amps can be found for under $1000 as well. Were there audible differences between the McCormack & Threshold gear? Thanks
It's all relative. It still comes down to "best" with what.
I'll second a vote for the DNA-1. I don't know about the $1K price but definitely a "best of" within its peer group