My beloved McCormack DNA-1 red Protect light no longer fades out at startup.   It has worked well with my McIntosh MX-110 preamp for years!  Is it a possible fuse, or do I need to send it in for service?

Also the last I remember, Steve McCormack was in San Diego, CA and offered upgrades to these units.  Is this still available?

Appreciate any feedback,

Had one of those myself. Mighty fine amp. Get hold of Steve have him upgrade it. 
Yeah give Steve a call.  He talked me through fixing my amp a while back (turned out to be a fuse), but DNA amps of that age can suffer an input board failure that is basically fatal.  Hope it’s just a fuse. 
 I would also try Steve first, but if you're on the east coast I think Conrad Johnson is servicing theses...
 Thanks for jinxing me!

 now I will be nervous until it happens., when it happens I’m blaming you!
@arcticdeth — Blame me if you must, but it already happened to my DNA 0.5 Rev A (still sadly sitting dead in my basement), so trust me when I say it’s better to know before your amp just up and dies one day than to hold out hope that you can somehow easily revive your beloved patient only to then learn the grim and final truth. Use this info to live every day with your amp like it’s your last, and keep Steve on speed dial in case you decide to let him give your amp the Frankenstein treatment when that day comes. Tick tock...
DNA-1 is special. I had one back in the mid 90s and a pair of DNA-1 delux monoblocks mid 2000s.  I also had a Rev A Gold upgraded DNA-1 after that. I am a tube guy, but Steve makes a great SS amp that I could live with if tube amps disappeared tomorrow.