McCormack DNA-1 150watts...185watts?

Why are some DNA-1's listed at 150 watts & some are listed at 185 watts? Is it the difference between the standard & deluxe model or is there another reason?
According to Steve McCormack's website:

Q: What is the actual power rating of the DNA-1 amplifier? I have seen references to
150W per channel, 185W, and even 200W – were there different versions with different
power ratings?
A: All DNA-1 amps have the same power capability. I had originally rated the design at
150 Watts per channel (into 8 Ohms) simply to be conservative. After 2 years or so, the
decision was made to change the rating to 185 Watts to more accurately reflect the real
power at clipping. Given that there are small unit-to-unit variations, some DNA-1s will
deliver 200 Watts per channel.
Wow Eragot your post is right on! I remember reading that myself. You have to appreciate Steve McCormack's genius behind this amp & its ability to provide almost unlimited power into any load. Definately one of my favorite solid state amps!
I probably should have checked that, but I looked at the McCormack Audio site & didn't see a faq. I didn't think to check Steve's site.
Only if I had bought one. Wait, becoming a teacher and leaving the practice of law doesn't allow me the budget anymore - dang it...

Right on. I still have the DNA-1 Rev B I bought from you.(The one with the clear top.) I have no plans of ever selling it.