McCormack DNA 0.5 vs Musical Fidelity A3

Hello fellow audiophiles, I am wondering if any of you out there have heard both a McCormack DNA 0.5 with SMcAudio's Revision A and Musical Fidelity's A3 CR power amplifiers. I currently own the McCormack, and am happy with it, but since I will likely be purchasing a Musical Fidelity A3 preamp (or possibly an Adcom GFP-750, although I am wary of their build quality) I was wondering what its compatriot power amp sounded like. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. . .
I own he A3 integrated ,and while it seems an excellent unit for the money,I often wonder if the DNA would have more extended highs,or would handle complex,multilayered musical passages a little better.Latin jazz can become slightly muddy. tracer
Tracer I am amazed at how good the A3 can sound with some other gear: Definitely get good AC cord like Shunyata Sidewinder or SilverAudio PowerBurst, use Bi-wire to speakers. Next level is to bi-amp with another MF power amp like X-AS100 or A3cr using peramp out RCAs on A3 ntegrated. Use good ICs and this unit capable of incredible detail, I have tried all the above combos. AudioLaw get the 12/2000 Stereophile article comparing MF/McCormack/Belles amps for answer to your question, may be available online at Stereophile website now.