McCormack Audio/Conrad Johnson service is great

I just wanted to say that these people at McCormack Audio & Conrad Johnson will treat you will treat with first class service and go out of their way to solve problems. I can't say enough about how well I was treated and how much I appreciate it.

These are people to consider making your next purchase from if customer service is important to you.

The stuff sounds great too by the way
CS is everything,very important.Millions of stories of guys trying to get the best deal,trying to get by on a shoestring and then when their CS turns out to be non-existant,its a big bumair.Spend the extra nickel or stay home,many paths to Salvation,being cheap isn't one of them unfortunately.Prices are so good here you can shop strictly for safety,it all sounds the same except for the 10 percenters with deep pockets or the hairsplitters which are legion here and all over the world.Yes,of course I'm crazy and love music or I wouldnt be here,maybe like you,maybe not,now back to that funky rhythm,cheers,Bob
With all due respect Usblues, what the hell are you talking about and what does it have to do with what i said?
With all due respect Max,reading between the lines and seeing around corners isnt in your quiver.My apoligies[sp],I didnt know you were coming in from the hayfield and should of been more transparent,cheers,Bob
Yup! cj is a class act indeed......
Adreed about CJ: lightning fast e-mail responses, great follow-up, utmost care about their products, regardless if purchased new or pre-owned
Ditto, CJ products and service are first rate.
I just had a custom black faceplate made for a McCormack DNA-500 of mine. They couldn't have been nicer to deal with. Lew's secretary/admin, Cheryl Wachter(sic), was very nice to deal with in person. The CJ folks are great and we all know Steve McM is good to deal with too.
OK Usblues, Sorry I didn't pick up on what "CS" stood for. I am from the day when writing involved words.

No, I am not a hick or a hayseed as you imply, and I am sorry if I offended you. I was in hi end retail for more than ten years and have been fooling with this stuff for more than 35 years.

I just wanted to let people know that these folks go out of their way to treat you right when there are so many so called high end companies that won't give you the time of day once they have you money in their hands.
Amen my friend and you are so right about being taken care of after the fact[purchase].I have had Counterpoint and Mcintosh for the last 7-8 years and feel the same way you do.Have a large weekend,Bob
Yes Ed does a great job at CJ, the whole staff is laid back and easy to deal with on about anything.

I disagree wholeheartedly. I sent a unit in for repair it was sent back non-functioning. I'm being told it worked when it was shipped. BS!!
Getting the run around big time.
Maybe things have changed. That would be ashame but my experience has not been good. My father bought me CJ gear because he believed it was the best and would be supported for years to come. The phrase "class act" is how he felt. He gave me his vinyl collection and his CJ amp, speakers. He also bought a CJ preamp and Aries turntable. The CJ preamp didn't work and it was sent for repair. It came back non-functional and has sinced been sent back for repair again. CJ is claiming it was working when it was shipped and that just isn't true. Although CJ was given proof of the problem with copies of the unbroken email thread they still insist it was working. That's just bad. Maybe Conrad Johnson WAS a "class act".