McCormack ALD_1 & DNA-1 Upgrade?

I have a standard McCormack ALD-1 Pre amp and DNA-1 Amp both of which I am thinking of sending to Steve McCormack for his upgrades. I would appreciate feedback as to the level of upgrade and which component to start with. Thanks, Al

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I like the B upgrade, the C is not worth it, and I think you run into diminishing returns with the A upgrade....
You're in luck; I have hed BOTH these units, and would say you DEFINITELY would/should upgrade BOTH these, without question. The ald-1 in particular sounded like a completely different (and far better, across the board) pre-amp after upgrade; the amp also improved in transparency and smoother tonal quality w/ better bass. If you'd rather not go through the trouble of selling/buying new gear; these upgrades are very worthwhile. I say, go for it!