McCormack .5 with Vandersteen 2CI

Is the McCormack .5 with SMC Deluxe mod enough amp for Vandersteen 2CI? Anybody have this combination? Music would be a variety classical, rock and more. Any other amp recomendations. Also considering Odyssey Stratos.
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yes, they work well together and get fairly loud in my 25x15 room. I have the .5 Rev A from SMC and the 2CE Signatures. I don't feel the need for more power.
Yes, McCormack and Vandersteen's are a terrific match. I'd suggest a McCormack DNA 1, perhaps with Steve's mods.
Thank you very much. SMC mods are great. Just needed to know about the .5 before I go any further on this co workers system. $800 is his budget for an amp.
I understand Steve McC used the Vandies in his shop when the DNA series was built.
0.5 was plenty loud in my 23 x 14 room w 2cis. Great match.
I'm using a Belles 150A Hot Rod with Vandersteen 2ce Sig2's
mated with Audible Illusions 3B preamp. Great senergy. The Belles with a tube preamp is a great combination with Steens.
You should have your co-worker stretch a bit and wait for a 0.5 Rev. A to come available. It'll probably only be another $200 or so more expensive and is at a completely different level than the stock or deluxe version, and the Vandys will certainly take full advantage of the improvements. Best of luck.