McCormack 225 vs AR 135 SD

I'm looking for a power amplifier for my Proac 140 MK2.
The pre is an Aesthetix Calypso.

I have found at about the same price the McCormack 225 and the Audio Research 135 SD (both used).

I heard both but in different stores, so comparison is very difficult.

The 135 was playing with an Electrocompaniet pro and Sonus Faber Cremona M speakers. It sounded a little lean in the bass and maybe was not enough powerful for these speakers.

I liked more the sound of the 225 but in this case the pre was an old (tube) AR and I can't remember what the speakers was but definitely cheaper than the Sonus Fabers.

I can't undestand if I liked more the 225, or the whle setup including the tube pre.

Any comments please on these two amplifiers?
ARC has always been a good match for ProAc, but I haven't heard the model you are looking at. I had a VT100 and a pair of 2.5's. The McCormack is also a good choice, but given your preamp, I think an Ayre V-5 would be a better choice. They go very well together. Not only that, the Ayre does what the McCormack can do, but better.
Strange, I spent this summer comparing my longtime McCormack 225 with my friend’s new Hypex Ncore NC400 mono amps in my system. I even used a Calypso preamp for the listening. I was able to level match the amps and hot switch them so I could do a direct comparison. The 225’s strengths were a sweet midrange, a soft sweet treble and tight strong bass. The 225 was not as dry as the 400s. The 225’s weaknesses were less detail and richness with the soundstage and close miked voices. Also, the 400s were better at low volume. These differences were not great. It took me two months to decide which I like best.

Thanks for the responses.

I'm looking for a used amp, and I didn't come across an Ayre yet (I am in Europe).

Last weekend I had a McCormack 225 in my home. It was a good match with the Calypso and the Proacs.
Maybe I'll buy it. I don't know if a have to demo the 135 also. Based on what I heard at the shop, the 225 is superior, but this maybe is a false impression due to the different setup.
What kind of speakers were you using when you did the comparison?
McCormack is a great product w excellent support from SMcAudio even for "legacy" products.
Zd542, I assume you are asking me what speakers I used for my comparison. I had Salk SoundScape 10s. They have Accuton midranges and RAAL ribbon tweeters.

After more listening I settled with the McCormack.
The match with the Proac and the Aesthetix is very good and I'm very happy with how the system sounds now.

Thanks again for your response.