McCormack 225 preamp match

I currently have a modded Marantz 7t (work done by Vintage Amplifier Restoration) and it sounds purty good. Not the deepest soundstage but nice tonally... though a bit washed out at the upper end. Would a McCormack preamp give me a completely different presentation? I am wanting to see what else is out there. Not limiting myself to just McCormack products of course. I listen to noisy rock for the most part.

Is this an active preamp?

I currently run a completely overhauled Thorens TD-124 with a Benz Micro Glider (high output) and an SME Series 2 Improved that was rewired with Cardas cabling. I like it a lot though wonder if a modern phono preamp will just get me more accurate and less musical.

My CD player is a Lexicon RT-20 and sounds great though. Again not sure if something different will work wonders on this.
In my "limited" experience with components, (compared to most here), I can say without a doubt that my EAR 834P/w volume is an excellent synergistic match to the DNA 225. Of course you're interested in a full function pre, which mine is not.
I meant to say also that it would be wise to stay with the same manufacturer specifically because of the synergy factor.
"Would a McCormack preamp give me a completely different presentation?"

The answer to your question is yes, I am sure it would be very different. Probably better in some respects (definition, transparency, bass depth and control, etc.) but you would have to try them to see if they are a match for your system and taste. Don't worry about matching brands - just find a combo that suits your needs and taste.

All of the McCormack preamps are active designs except for the earlier "Line Drive" series of passive preamps. Several of them (ALD-1, TLC-1, Micro Line Drive) include passive outputs but have fully active sections as well.

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Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
Very happy with the McCormack 225 thus far, will likely do some of the upgrades this year on that amp, as I love to tweak my rig, ha. Will likely get the LD-2 preamplifier with the phono module...