McAlister Audio Opinions Sought

Anyone having a opinion on these amps I would like to hear from you;especially the MB130 monoblocks.
Looking at these amps to drive a pair of soundlab m2's
I heard these first hand
They sounded great to these ears
i owned one, 75 watts, but don't remember the model number.

the amplifier sounds like there are no tubes in it. i was glad to get rid of it. i suppose, before the price increase it was a good value, if you like a transistor amp with tubes. it's a bit on the grainy side as well.
Peter is a prince to deal with,no hard sell.His products are not flashy,have no exotic names and are very affordable. Maybe this explains why they are largely ignored by the mainstream.They are also hand built on Canadian soil,not China.Who hand builds gear these days at these prices.
The monoblocks throw a large sound stage with an authoritative bass.There is an utter sense of poise to the music that is incredibly satisfying.
Suggest you contact Peter directly to discuss your needs.
Mr Tennis
Different strokes for different folks
You're a hard nut to crack
Look up the review I did on one of his amps (75 watt). Wonderful sounding amp at a steal of a price.

I had the 75 watt amp. I was very good sounding for the price. However, the build quality is very poor. Mine came with loose binding posts which I had to fix, not a big deal but a new amp shouldn't have this kind of problem. The holes drilled into the chassis do not line up well, you could tell where they miss drilled holes. Also when you check inside, it looks like a 3 year old did the soldering and point to point wiring. But like I said, the sound is very good - one of the most neutral tube amps I've heard with very good bass, sound staging, and nice mid.