mca 50 good enough to drive totem wind?

I have on order some new totem winds that are goin to replace my studio 100 v3. Wondering if my anthem mca 50 is goin to be good enough to drive them. And has anyone switched there studio cc for one of totem model one signature centers? if so is it much better then my 560 cc.
If amp is not strong enough what do you suggest?
You should match your speakers for best results.
thanks for the reply steuspeed and i hav already ordered the matching center chanel .
Mixing speakers is a classic mistake in multi-channel systems. Glad to see you are on the right track. The Anthem should have more than enough power. I think there a better amps out there however, so there is more improvement to be made when you are ready. Power is not everything either.
I realise that there much better amps out there, and this will be my next step fwd. However for the moment i need to pay off the winds first. lol. Thanks for your imput Steuspeed.
If anyone else has feed back pls feel free to comment thank you
Does anyone have any good feek backs on the Plinius SA 250 Mark IV? Im considering to buying one. Any remarks would be appreciated.