I have a mc602 which I plan to keep for the rest of my life. I bought it from audio classics around 2011. it's condition is a-1. it was a demo unit. I think it meant like new , no scratches. I'm 65 years old. I only use it like 8 hours a week. I told my son that when I die it's his. what maintenance should I give it so it will last another 20 years?
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Audio Classics probably already gave it a good going over, and if the caps are still good, there's no need to worry for a while. Just love it...that's a great amp you have there.
Nothing, just keep it away from moisture.
Hopefully, you will live longer than 20 years, (myself as well).  Just use it, Mac equipment is made to last 50 years or more.
I just sold my mc2500. I purchased it in 1987 new. I never even burned out a light in the amp. I kept it in a cabinet. so it stayed clean. A great amp, never let me down. It also had a surprisingly high resale value. Prior to selling the amp, I asked my McIntosh dealer if it was necessary to service the amp. He told me no, that he had seen these amps run longer than this without problems. One note, I was probably in the the lower 8 hours per week range. My new amps are mc601's, love them. I also told my son these would be his one day (I'm 63). He promptly ask me, "how are you feeling?" I know you will always love the 602 until you have to move it.
one of the lights on the right side of one meter went out recently. i would have it replaced but that amp 'weighs' too much to move! LOL!!
NONE...these amps don't require anything, that's why you'll be able to give it to your son and he can give it to his! they are battleships! The only thing is the lights on the front, I'm not sure if they made a LED kit for this amp, ask audio classics. Otherwise you would have to change the Lamps inside if they are going dim (they all do) these lamps are made by a company called Chicago Miniature. Or have audio classics give it a check up and change the bulbs if you want.  AWESOME AMP!

Matt M
One extra bit of McIntosh lore:  They have no record of a catastrophic failure or unrepairable condition in any of their amps.  Ever.

Quite a testament to their design and build quality. Legendary, indeed!
one of the lights on the right side of one meter went out recently. i would have it replaced but that amp 'weighs' too much to move! LOL!!

That's why I had kids in the first place - to help me move my monoblocks.  They'll get my systems when I'm gone, but I figure they are building sweat equity as part of the inheritance! :)
many thanks for the responses. since i'm planning on keeping it forever, is there any negative issues that i should know in the long run??'s too heavy to take to the beach. I can't think of any other negatives.
Or if one of the caps goes. A friend in Belgium is having  awful problems sourcing a new one, or a dealer  that can help. Has asked around a lot. I believe the caps are an odd size and old stock, difficult to source or replace with new or better ones and dealers are not necessarily trained enough to fix.
If he was in the states it would not be a problem. I wonder if he contacted McIntosh directly. 
if he is willing to spend the money, maybe he can contact mcintosh and send his unit to have it fixed!
They referred him to the Netherlands dealer - who wasn't interested
They are Mc1000 monoblocks 1998
I reckon they are not supported anymore