MC352 + Khorns-best SS preamp?

Would like to hear from McIntosh amp owners who are using a solid state preamp. I'm only using one source, so a linestage is fine. Current set up is-
Perpetual Technologies P1 & P3
Luminous Audio Axiom passive pre
PS Audio PP300

I have been looking at the following-
PS Audio-GCP-200
Would like to keep the price under 3K new or used. Must have a remote. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
the c42 works well with klipsch and is very flexible in case you wish to expand your sources. the equalizer can come in very handy at times. you should be able to find a mint unit from 1500-2000 with remote. good luck. btw i use the c42 with rf-7's.
Great amp, depending on your room I would try a Cary Slp98, Cj 17ls, maybe even a Bat pre and they all have remotes. IMHO get tubes into your rig. Audiogon is a great place to try many different pre's and being that they are light and easy to ship I would try as many as I could afford.
Trust me- Buy the McIntosh c2200 tube preamp. Yes, it is tubed, but the easiest to use tube preamp ever and it is DEAD silent on Khorns!! This is a no-brainer with your Mac amp!