mc2k amps

anyone have any thoughts of this amp?
NO such thing as overkill. The McIntosh MC2KW are definitely one of the all time best amps, period. There is nothing like them. If you can afford them, you really need to either go demo them or just buy them. These would be my destination amps. Had I made smarter decisions in my audio career, I would have been able to afford them had I not wasted money on other gear.
i was looking at the audiogon website on units for sale. i saw an accufase mono blocks for 70k. I don't remember the wattage output but how do those compare to the mc2k that cost i think 35k each. and what doe's overkill mean?
Overkill means having way too much of something. An excess of what is necessary or appropriate for a particular end.

If you can ever experience the MC2KW in action, you will realize just how special they sound.

I would much prefer the MC2KW over anything else. Period.
There are a handful of power amplifiers out there with the ability to deliver outrageous amounts of power - both current and voltage, and I suspect there are certain conditions which require such excess. Boulder 3050 is another piece that could probably deliver enough "electricity" to run a small household. I personally have not heard or even seen any of these beasts in person and will probably never be able to afford them but I'm also doubtful if I would ever have a system which could take advantage of the enormous potential these fantastic pieces of audio electronics can deliver.