mc252 v. mc501s in a 13 x14 room?

My speakers are audio physic virgo iiis. Is there any reason to upgrade to a pair of mc 501s from an mc252 in a 13x14 room?

You won't here the difference at normal listening levels.

One of my friends SOLD the MC501s and now uses two MC275's in mono.
the 252 is plenty of power for the virgos
McIntosh MC252 has more than enough power in that room with those speakers. I use it in a 13x16 room with 11' ceiling. When played loud (to me) meters are just hitting 25 watts when using 89dB effeicency speakers.
The only reason to switch is if you think the 501's sound better. I am not familiar with the audio physics so i dont know if they would sound better with more power. You think they need more power ?

I went from a 352 to 501's ---- imo the 501's sound better from top to bottom, but not by a quantum leap so to speak. The law of diminishing returns applies.

what is loud to one is not to another . My loud with 90db spkrs, 13 x 14 x 10h is closer to 50 watts on the 501's

my $.02 ........ ymmv
The 501 is double balanced in the output circuit, where as the 252 is not. McIntosh referes to this circuit as dual differntial in earlier models like the 352. But later models like the 402, 501, 602 are calling it double balanced. I would recommend a 352 or a 402 for that size of room if you are seeking sonic improvement. However I will tell you that I recently traded a 352 in on a 402 and it sounds better. It is not the 50 watts. They did something else, not sure what it is. Also the connections are better on the 402 plus no bulbs.
I agree with that comment Theo. Good observation.

I know what you mean...maybe it's better power supplys and transformers and the balance circuits.
I also had a 402 and tried a 252. The 402 sounds better, and so presumably the 501's are also better. It is not just power, it is the quad balanced design.
Thank you all. I am looking at the 402, the 2101...even getting a 2nd 252 and setting them each up in mono.....
Dbarger, the 352 had the dual balanced as well the 402 does. I think that the 402 must have a better power supply.
But when I traded Chuck at McIntosh told me I would only gain the LED Lighting and the 50 watts. But at RMAF I spoke with Ron Cornileus and we got interupted as he was telling me. But all I got at that moment was "enhanced mcintosh magic". But I beleive that the power supply and possibly maybe even the LED lighting may not be creating a noise that was inhereant to the incandessant bulbs. At the same time I traded my MC7205 in on a MC205 and it really sound better. But the 7205 never was that impressive for music it just seemed to have the right thing for HT at the time. I am glad to McIntosh continues to work on improving their designs. I know there are better amps for the money but, I don't think anyone builds as bulletproof an amp!