mc2102 kt88s

i just bought a mcintosh mc2102 tube amp, this may be a silly question but im fairly new to tubes so bear with me.

the question has to do with the coloration of the tubes at different volumes, the more power i use the more the kt88s glow blue.

at around 80 watts the blue hue is very intense & seems to follow the beat of the music, nothing like blinkin disco lights, subtle but noticeable when im lookin for it.

ive owned several tube amps in the past & never saw 88s do this.

even though the amp is new & under warrenty im a little worried,i love the 2102 & dont want to continue listening to it if there is a problem in the kt88s that may lead to damage in the amp, am i overdriving the amp or somthing.

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The blue glow will go away as the tubes age. This is normal.
Turn it up!