MC suggestions for conrad-johnson Premier 15

I am looking for a new MC cartridge that will work with the premier 15. I am running a Clearaudio Maestro V2 (mm) currently and it has too much output for me. It doesn't over drive anything but at the lowest setting on my pre-amp it is too loud for late night listening. The total output is close to 2V (calculated). I am running an SME 309 arm and was considering the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. Any help is welcomed, but advice from Premier 15 owners would be awesome.
Interesting that you bring this up. I own the Pr. 15 and also use a MM cartridge. The gain in the 15 is too much for a MM. I've also explored the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze but fyi have been told that a step-up would be needed with the 15. You might want to take a look at some of the Clearaudio MC's if you like the Clearaudio sound. They have some higher output MC's that could mate nicely to the 15 without a step-up.

I'd be very interested in what you find as I am still looking for a MC myself.

Regards, Mark
Hi MarK,
Thanks for you response. I am going to look at modding my premier 15 something like the link below if I dont get any info here. I think there is too much gain with that setup. It seems it would have as much output as what I currently have with my Maestro. I am going to call Jensen Monday to get some advice as they have other SUT's with less gain that might work. CJ told me the Premier 15 designed for MC and there would be no need for a SUT. Ortofon told me 53bd gain would likely be to low for the Cadenza Bronze and a normal 20-30db SUT would likely be too much.
I believe you will need some additional gain for any LOMC. I'd check Bob's Devices. Lots of good reviews. I understand that his 1131 is a good match for the Bronze and 15. It might also give you a little more versatility than the Mod if you decide to change cartridges.

He's a distributor for Ortofon as well (I have no affiliation with either) and the last I corresponded with him he offered me a discount if both the transformer and cartridge was purchased from him.

Good Luck. Please let me know what you decide.

Regards, Mark
Have a look at the Benz Glider SM or Benz Wood SM - both 0.8mv output.
I have heard these working very well with a CJ TEA2SE with 55db gain, no step up transformers required.
Thank you Dover! I will look into the benz micro line.
What are other Premier 15 15/2 owners running for MC cartridges?
I had the Prem 15 many years ago. It's a real nice unit. I ran a Koetsu RSP with .2mv, and it was not enough gain. I can't remember if it has an MM/MC inputs or MC only, but I think just MC. I would think a .5 or .6 mv cart would be pretty ideal. Something like a Shelter, or maybe one of the Ortofon's with a slightly higher output. An SUT would only make sense in to an MM input, but again, I didn't recall the 15 having one.
i have a cj TEA2MAX with 55db gain and it works for cartridges that I currently own from 0.35mV (LOMC) to 5.0mV (MM). I recommend you call cj and talk this over before spending any money.
Lyra cartridge you need at least .5mv output for the prem15

Delos is a great cart for the $$