MC Step-ups made from Vintage Input Transformers

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Hello all,
I am looking for input regarding the use and application of these rare and expensive vintage input transformers used as MC Step-ups like the Altec 4722, Peerless K241D or 4665, UTC HA-100, Triad HS-1 or the Holy Grail of them all, the Western Electric 618B and of coarse there are others.

What are you fellows using out there and what do you feel are they advantages over modern step-ups? Do they impart their own flavor or is it all just more Audio foolery?

thanks in advance for your comments,
Diamond Jim
Hello Jim. I have just started trying various antique transformers, current step-ups, and not-so-current head amps. I am collecting them right now to REALLY settle which sounds best in my system. The only thing I know so far is that amoung transformers from UTC, Altec, Denon, and EAR, versus head amps from Music Reference (tube) and Klyne (solid state), they all reveal each others' limitations. Luckily, there is one man (an electrical engineer with an audiophile ear) on Ebay, CAPN-BOB, that is making very well thought-out step-ups using these vintage transformers. So I think he is the place to start, for us that dont have the knowledge and test-equipment to make them ourselves properly. I have a lot of listening and comparing to do before I decide which I can live with. And, in the end, I just might go back to a high-output cartridge. --Warren
Hello Warren,

no chance to find a single UTC HA 100 Nos transformer or places looking for it in your country?In Italy is quite difficult to find them.Many thanks.

Best regards
I am also interested to know if anyone has compared the old and new. I was using a bogen t-150 for my denon & vandenhul - sound was very good but I have no comparison in my own system. I have been learning that many forgotten vintage audio ~ amps ~ speakers ~ turntables etc... Sound musch better (to me) than lots of modern day audio. But In my quest for simplicity, I just switched from full MC phono amp/pre/amp to old fashion HH Scott 299 integrated w MM stage and a SUT.

some rare SUT's on ebay are hailed by the sellers as bargains for $1k~$3k? Really? Is that much better than the cinemag or hashimoto or auditorium ? I can't imagine that ~( but then about 10yrs ago I switched from $$$clearaudio tt to a vintage thorens $40 ~ big up grade!)

Anyway, I like the idea of vintage for better sound at a fraction of the cost ~ vintage SUT's seem to be often many times the price of new SUT's
Someone is just gonna have write a comparison. But it won't be me ~ can't afford it ~ sadly.