MC recommendation-Monbrison/VPI Scout II

Seeking recommendation for MC cart for Monbrison/VPI Scout II.
Looking for something in the 2K range.
SUT not being considered.
I love my Dynavector XX2 MKII. No coloration at all, tight bass, spacious image, great frequency response. You don't say what speakers you have, so it may not be right for you. Matching input and output transducers is tricky. Good luck!
Dynavector XX-2 mk II and the Lyra Delos are the regular recommendations in that price range for VPI gear.
Both excellent suggestions by Jmcgrogan2. I am not sure about the tonearm cart match, but can tell you about the Monbrison.... I have heard the 20X2L direct in, and it is very good. I have heard of another person who I trust do the same w/ the Delos. So it looks like both may be a go from a synergy standpoint. One more dark horse- the Ortofon Royal N should be a winner w/ the Monbrison as well,