MC Phono Stage w/ Attenuator??

Other than the EAR 834, can anyone recommend another?
Doesn't the Bellari have an attenuater? Way cheaper than EAR
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Tvad. I guess I'm not sure what I mean. I'm looking to run a phono stage directly to my amp. I need to control the loudness. Is that variable gain??

Thanx for the suggestion. I've seen the Wright Sound and it looks appealing.
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The Vinyl One has two sets of out puts. One if you are using a pre amp the other if running direct to your amp.
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Well, since no price was ever mentioned, I'll go ahead and mention the Manley Steelhead. :)

Let me mention a price: <$1,500

Not sure what your timetable is, but occasionally you will see a used K&K Audio SE with a DaCT attenuator in your price range.
For the price the EAR is hard to beat.