mc musical culture ref 811 mono block,

any 1 heard it ?

maby some 1 has it and can share his thghouts,i cant find any reviews.

i m using sonus faber amati Ann' with octave 500se pre,

and how is it compparing to the MBL 9007,

thx for any help

I'm the happy owner of MC-811, MC-601 preamp and MC-501a CD player/DAC.
I can't give you a comparison with MBL 9007 but i can share my impressions with you.

Those amps are the best amps i ever heard, period! I auditioned a lot of amps, even pass labs, Krell and others (MBL too but very expensive references...).
The MC-811 are quite unique in their ability to be "evident". The sound flows with force and liquidity and you feel every emotions from every instruments in an orchestra. The voices are amazingly fleshy and palpable. Every artist invite them in your living room.
The addition of the MC-601 and the MC-501 adds more of everything i described.
The whole frequency range seems full and everywhere in the soundstage with naturalness and integrated. It's a strange feeling cause many others amplifiers exagerate the frequencies in their own specific way (more highs, medium, bass). Here is completly integrated and massive without losing any details and subtilities. It's really disturbing at first cause you enter the soundstage for real!

I didn't know Mr Meletzky before hearing MC devices. I knew afterward that he was the M in MBL and mostly responsible for all the greatest devices of the brand.
I remembered listening to an ultra high end set of MBL devices including Mr Meletzky radialsprechen (speakers). It was like listening to a live concert. The first time i heard that from Hifi system.

I hope it helps? please feel free to ask me anything else you need?