MC Cartridges Under $1,000

Looking for recommendations for a moving coil cartridge under $1,000 (though in all honesty I'd rather be around $5-600). I have an VPI Scout Jr. turntable with the JMW-9 tonearm into an IFI iPhone Micro phono amp into a Simaudio Moon 600i amp and Kharma Ceramic Reference 3.2 speakers. I listen to pretty much everything except country and speed metal. Thoughts about retipped carts would be appreciated as well: worth it or to be avoided.

Thank you in advance for your input which will help improve my output.
I have a regular Scout with a DV 20X2 low output version. I'm very happy with it and would definitely buy it again. If you look around, you may be able to get a better price than full list. There's a lot of DV dealers, and some of them will compete to make a sale.
You need to check that it's compatible with the VPI arm, but I think the Goldring Eroica is very nice for the money. Comes in lo and hi output versions. On another note, I think your system merits a little better cartridge if you can swing it. Maybe a Lyra Dorian. You will hear the difference.
Ortofon Quintet Black would be my recommendation at this price level

Good Listening

Denon 103 very hard to beat at that price range. Check the many reviews. Best of Luck
Me 2nd for Dyna 20X2 low ,best I hear so far on JMW arm
Jkmnop, compatibility with arm and phono is one thing to consider, but you should state your priorities or we will recommend everything available.
Whatever you choose, I recommend Lyra stylus treatment/cleaner - good stuff. I suspect, it is also antistatic. They claim that it is harmless and will not dissolve the glue that holds the stylus. I believe them until and unless I have a reason not to.
Lyra Delos cartridge is about $1350 from the UK, $1650 in the US. Not sure about your particular set-up but might be worth for you to investigate when you are ready to upgrade.
But why only MC? Personaly, I decided not to go with under $1000 MC. I'll get that Lyra when I can, for now I am quite happy with Goldring 1042 MM, the bass is a little loose but not bad. Very nice coherent sound, not the last word in speed or resolution but pretty good. $360 plus shipping from the UK.
I second the vote for the Denon 103. I had one on my Scoutmaster while my Shelter 90x was getting rebuilt and really was impressed. I would have no issue with this being my everyday cart.
Though some feel it's system dependent, a lot of people think the AT OC9/II or OC9/III are good matches for JMW arms. But if your system leans toward the bright side, you may find the cartridge a bit aggressive.

I like it on my JMW-12 arm, but YMMV.
Denon 103 is best at where you really want to be price wise esp. the ZU audio mod version.
That said I'm with Pbnaudio on the Ortofon Quintet Black, having had used both, if you go to 1k .
Dyna 20X is a good choice too but IMO a bit rough and ready
for the acoustic music I listen to, but I can see why many love it .
Just bought a Clearaudio Concept MC. Right at $850 with trade in. Very happy with it. Had a Benz Ace Low before that got damaged. Liked it to. Nottingham Horizon table.
currently available the Denon 103r.... in many musical ways is a giant killer

Another vote for the 103 :-)

Then I bought a DL 103 modified by Soundsmith
- it's AWESOME!!!
- better image
- more detailed highs
- tighter bass
- nicer control of sibilance

As long as it's compatible with your arm.

But I still keep the old Denon 103 around as a backup.

I might get that re-tipped someday :-)

Audio Technica OC9 Mk3. I prefer it to 103 and 103r especially on TTs like VPI which doesnt have a high mass tonearm. OC9 is a lot more refined and transparent than 103
Thank you all for your contributions. Let the research begin.