MC cartridge with "big rich and life-like"

My system consists of Infinity Beta speakers; Wolcott Presence 220 monoblocks & Bryston 7B ST (for biamplification); preamp, Convergent Audio Technology SL-Mk.III; C.E.C. TL-1X transport; Spectral SDR2000 dac; Marantz 10B tuner . . . .

No analog front end, yet, but I'm giving serious thought to a Michell Gyrodek TT w/Zeta arm. Any suggestions for a cartridge that will compliment my penchant for a "big, rich and life-like" sound.

Save bucks not buying GyroDeck but buying Gyro SE instead. If you're realy serious you can get Lyra Helikon SL and some 70dB MC phonostage(Heron VTPH?).
My vote would be for the Benz Reference or Koetsu Rosewood. The Clear Audio Insider is one of my first choices as well, but is somewhat "faster and leaner" than the other two. Much of this depends on cable, turntable and arm choices, set up procedures and personal preference.

Should these cartridge choices fail to meet your expectations (tonally), there are four small signal tubes in each Wolcott Mono block that GREATLY effect body and tone.

I can suggest tubes based on you comments about the sound after you get the vinyl front end running. Especially if it fails to please.
Much as I love my Helikon SL and Heron VTPH-MC, Markanetz, I have to side with Albertporter on this one. Benz and Koetsu are tops if one is looking for a rich, lush, romantic sound - my preference is the Koetsu.
If you want lush and romantic I third the Benz/Loetsu reco. But, if you want something that provides "life-like" sound, then I recommend the Shelters. I find they have better control in the bass, a more detailed top end and great "weight" in the mids. A giant killer if there ever was one.
Sounds like you need to track down a Denon DL-103D or 103S. They are the Biggest, Richest and most Lifelike MC cartridge I ever owned. Euphonic like an LS3/5a (which I also own).

Most modern MCs are a litle cold and clinical for me (I currently own a Linn which is a better compromise with my LS3/5as)
I'd also throw the Dynavector 20X and 17L Karat into that mix. Both VERY life-like, with tons of balls to boot. Also, more economical than the aforementioned carts. Cheers!
I have really been more than pleased with my Sumiko Celebration cartridge. It is really full bodied and outdoes my Benz Ruby in all areas.
I have owned many MC cartridges over the years, most recently a Van den Hul Grasshopper. A year ago I switched to a low output Grado Reference after learning it was a good match for my Well-Tempered Reference table and arm. This is the best sound I've had from LPs and highly recommend it. Have not heard the Grado Statement, but it is said to be even better (at double the price). You did not say, but does your CAT have the phono stage? Lots of good choices here. Like most of us you will have to experiment to see what works best with the table/arm you decide on and your own musical tastes. By the way, I owned a Zeta arm in the early 80s with a Sota turntable. It was a good arm in its day, but I believe you can do better. Given the quality of your system, especially your CD front end, you might consider Basis, VPI, and Clear Audio tables perhaps with a Graham or VPI arm. The VPI Aries is a very fine choice for the money. When you hear how much better a good analog rig is compared to your CD system you'll be glad you did. Make sure you learn how to properly set up your arm and cartridge. It's not hard with a little patience and the right tools, but take the time to learn.
I would go with the Koetsu Rosewood as well.It has the warmest,lushest,most romantic sound I've ever heard.Also huge soundstage.20 years ago I worked for a high end dealer while I was going through college.We did an in-depth comparison of all the top cartridges and with both tube and solid state,the Koetsu won our hearts hands down.It was an absolutely mesmerizing experience.